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Heart rate training is the most reliable method for monitoring and managing fitness levels and exercise intensity.

Tools for trainers and athletes

HeartData and EquineData provide the tools for trainers and athletes alike to closely monitor the training methods being utilised and thereby provide the ability to adjust and fine tune these methods preventing over training and injury. This applies equally to the training of both human and equine athletes.

Heart rate monitors for endurance and strength training

Whatever level of active sport you or your horse participate in the principals are the same. Endurance or strength training, heart monitoring gives a major advantage over other methods. The heart is the powerhouse of the body. If you can measure your training activities accurately, you can manage them effectively and safely.

Training at high heart rate levels simply burns calories taken in that day and stresses the muscles and leave you susceptible to injury. Heart Rate Monitors provide trainers and athletes with the means to measure work rates and gives the necessary data to plan and manage effective traing programs maximising results and minimising the risk of injury.

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Shop online for your heart rate monitoring products

HeartData and EquineData stock a range of heart rate monitors and accessories at competitive prices for athletes whether training for competition or simply general fitness and well being. We deliver anywhere in Australia and Overseas deliveries by special arrangement.

We have a large range of products for both human and specialist equine use - select the relevant tab and browse through our range of products for your specific need.

HeartData and EquineData are authorised retailers for the products we sell and carry the relevant manufacturers warranty and after sales support.

Purchases will be delivered within 5 workings days or quicker depending on your location within Australia.



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